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Generations of Beekeeping 


Beekeeping for the Bartel family started over three generations ago and all signs are it will continue into the future as the next generation is already picking up the hive tools and enjoying working with one of God's smallest wonders, the Honey Bee.

Importing Honey Bees

 Bee importing started with the first generations of Bartel’s and became a commercial part of our springs in the early 1980's.  Since the border closure in 1987 we have been fortunate to have Arataki Honey Ltd in New Zealand as our supplier of bees.  They have worked hard to ensure top quality bee genetics suited for our Canadian climate.

NZ Carniolans

 The Arataki breeding program is continually being modified to bring the best available queens and bees into Canada as well as improve their own stock. A few years ago they added the Carniolan genetic line to their operation. The virgin Carniolan queens are transported up to 400 kms to be mated with predominately Carniolan drones so that what we get here is as pure Carniolan as possible. 

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