bartel honey farms inc.


Who We Are

Beekeeping, Honey producers, Package bee and queen importer.

We are third, and into the fourth, generation of beekeepers and bee importers with no signs of stopping any time soon.

At 1500 hives and growing we are a fairly large commercial operation for our area, but quite small compared to some of our beekeeping friends in Alberta and Saskatchewan and even smaller compared to our colleagues in New Zealand, Arataki Honey Ltd who operate over 20000 hives. One major difference in operations is the lack of pollination contracts in Manitoba meaning we are strictly honey producers, so we live and die, as the saying goes, by the fortunes the Lord and land offer. The truth is, we farm because we like the lifestyle and the connectedness to nature, not because we plan to get rich...although that wouldn't hurt either.

We are a  family farm operation running as an incorporated partnership. Located in Kleefeld, Manitoba where it has been for over 35 years.

contact Us

Please use the information below to get in touch with us about anything you have seen on our website. 

You can phone us but just in case we are up to our elbows in bees or honey it might be best to simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   ​


ext 1 Oakbank - Package bee and queen sales           

ext 2 Kleefeld  - Business Office                        

ext 3 Kleefeld  - Honey House, Honey Sales


33004 Rd 27 E, Kleefeld, MB R0A 0V0