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Two Locations


We are a  family farm operation running as an incorporated partnership. At present we are operating out of two locations with the newest location being in Oakbank, Manitoba. 

This new site operates as a satellite to the main farm location and processing plant located in Kleefeld, Manitoba where it has been for over 35 years. 

We do offer tours of our processing plant to small or large (classroom size) groups during the summer and early fall so if you are interested please use the Contact Us  form to let us know. We will contact you to arrange a date and time.

Small...but Big, Poor...but Very Rich.

At 1500 hives and growing we are a fairly large commercial operation for our area, but quite small compared to some of our beekeeping friends in Alberta and Saskatchewan and even smaller compared to our colleagues in New Zealand, Arataki Honey Ltd who operate over 20000 hives. One major difference in operations is the lack of pollination contracts in Manitoba meaning we are strictly honey producers, so we live and die, as the saying goes, by the fortunes the Lord and land offer. The truth is, we farm because we like the lifestyle and the connectedness to nature, not because we plan to get rich...although that wouldn't hurt either. We are currently working on another expansion project, this time more hives which should result in more income unlike the beautiful building we built a few years ago and now are enjoying the use of. As of 2012 we are also expanding our Oakbank location to include a honey sales room and equipment storage which we hope to be available for the 2013 season.

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