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Honey Package Sizes and Prices

4.5 kg   (10 lbs)   = $32.00

2.7 kg   (6 lbs)     = $20.00

1 kg      (2.2 lbs)  = $10.00

500 g    (1.1 lb)    = $5.00

Specialty and Rare Honey

Buckwheat, Sunflower and Spring

4.5 kg (10 lbs)     = $45.00

2.7 kg  (6 lbs)      = $30.00

1 kg     (2.2 lbs)   = $15.00

500 g   (1.1 lb)    =  $10.00

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

We are now accepting Interac and credit cards at both our Kleefeld and Oakbank locations, and as always we still accept cash, and money orders or personal cheques from verified customers.


Honey for Sale

Our annual honey crop harvest usually starts in mid to late July and we try to have fresh honey available to fill into your own containers at the farm location in Kleefeld from the start of harvest until September. We also pre-fill containers for your convenience and they are available from the start of harvest throughout the year, or until we are sold out, at both our Kleefeld and Oakbank locations.

Please note our packaging sizes and prices below.


Contact us here for availability or to leave your email address to be on our fresh honey email list.

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